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Meet Becky

Fieldwork wouldn't be complete without a home, lab, and sweet ride all in one. Meet Becky - our epic camper van for the summer.

As a 2002 VW Eurovan, Becky may not be as young as she once was, but she's feisty and young at heart thank to a beautiful renovation by GoWesty. Inside are two full beds, one in the pop-up tent at the top. We also have a small kitchen, with running water, a propane stove, and a fully stocked fridge (scientists get hungry in the field), and a fold-out table and swiveling front chairs make for the perfect dining table. We've definitely taken advantage of the awesome set-up, having made fajitas, fried eggs, and the elixer of life, coffee, in our cozy kitchen.

We've taken Becky from the coasts to the mountains along the 1, over the Golden Gate Bridge, to waterfall hikes, vineyards, breweries, ice cream shops, and taquerias. But the most amazing part is camping in Becky, right next to our field sites, and watching the stars through out windows. It's also pretty nice to come back to our home away from home after 4 am tides for some early morning sustenance and late morning siestas. We're so happy that GoWesty is as excited about the Bio Bus as we are - this trip wouldn't have been the same without Becky!

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